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Radiation from mobile phones genererates cancer-inducing free radicals

It has been established beyond reasonable doubt by several scientific studies that microwave radiation, including that from mobile phones, can generate free radicals (FR). These are  chemically aggressive substances that can damage the genes, thereby increasing the risk of cancer,  infertility and birth defects.
Several high quality experimental studies have confirmed that such damage does occur.
The great strength of this research is that several different methods have been used by different scientists, all arriving at the same conclusion.
Consequently, there is no doubt whatsoever that mobile phone radiation brings about damage to the genes of such a kind that causes cancer, infertility and birth defects.

The positive aspect of these findings is that they indicate a way how we can reduce the risk of damage by mobile radiation, namely by preventing and reducing the generation of free radicals. This can be done by increasing our free radical defenses, by improving the body’s own defenses and by consuming substances that neutralize free radicals (antioxidants).
Below, we will present a thorough review of the research on the connection between cell phone radiation, free radicals and male sterility (by Nisarga et al, see reference below). It also reviews the mechanisms of carcinogenesis (development of cancer) due to radiation.
In brief, the conclusion is that there is strong evidence that free radicals are generated by mobile phone radiation. It is a well established fact that free radicals can cause cancer. The reviewer presents  multiple mechanisms how exactly this can occur due to the effects of mobile radiation.
A serious consequence of repititive exposure to mobile radiation, such as occurs in frequent daily usage of the phone, is that it can exhaust the body’s protective mechanisms against free radicals (this ).
The man’s testicles are particularly sensitive to mobile phone radiation because there is an especially great risk for oxidative stress in them. Sperm DNA damage has been the consequence of this vulnerability. This entails a risk of infertility and an increased rate of miscarriage and what is much worse, morbidity in the offspring, including birth defects and childhood cancer.

Summary of the article:

“Pathogenic mechanisms of cell phone radiation: oxidative stress and cancer generation, focusing on the male reproductive system.”

(Abbreviations: FR = free radicals)

Research has recently found that mobile phone radiation may result in the formation of the very powerful free radical supeoxid that can cause cancer.


Friedman et al. reported that cellphone radiation stimulates the enzyme NADH oxidase in cell walls (in HeLa cells – a special type of cells suitable for cell culture) and the co-production of superoxide (Friedman 2007). This effect of the radiation on the NADH oxidase can cause oxidative stress and carcinogenesis [cancer formation].Also another research group (Rao et al), have found evidence that the radiation affects the cell wall. They studied the impact of the cellphone radiaton on calcium and found that this substance increased significantly when cells were exposed to non-thermal radition, that is so weak radiation that there was no heating of the tissues. This indicates that the radiation influences the cell wall as calcium increase in the cell occurs through increased influx of calcium through the cell wall.

This would explain, among other things, the significant increase in heart rate (see Cordless phones doubled the heart rate) that mobile phone radiation can cause./PSRAST

During the last decade, animal studies demonstrated that oxidative stress is created by the mobile phone radiation, (eg Ozguner). This can occur either by increasing the formation of FR and/or reduction of the enzymes that neutralize FR. Studies have also shown that various antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, reduce the oxidative stress caused by cellpone radiation.
Chronic exposure to mobile phone radiation has been found to reduce the body’s most powerful defense mechanisms against free radicals (Catalase, Superoxide Dismutas (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px)), see Agarwal et al.

Recently, increased FR production in sperm cells from humans has been found as a result of the radiation. Furthermore, a damage to the sperm cells as a result of oxidative stress was demonstrated (Agarwal et al).

Other scientists have noted that sperm cells are particularly vulnerable to oxidative stress because of the large accumulation of substances that are especially vulnerable to free radicals while there is a shortage of space for protective enzymes, see Iuliis et al .


In addition, oxidative stress in these cells disturbs not only their capacity for fertilization but also contributes to DNA damage in sperm. The latter has in turn been associated with poor fertility, an increased incidence of miscarriage and morbidity in the offspring, including childhood cancer.

The review also discusses the formation mechanisms of cancer due to mobile phone radiation and present several different mechanisms by which cancer can arise from mobile radiation.

Comment by PSRAST

The fact that researchers using different methods of investigation, all arrive at the same result has strong evidential power. The following elements are necessary for conclusive scientific proof of a harmful effect of any kind:

  • That it can be theoretically explained how the damage occurs.
  • That the presence of the damaging factor has been confirmed.
  • That the predicted damage does occur.
  • That the effect has been confirmed by different scientist and the proof is especially strong when different methods have been used

All these criteria are amply fulfilled in the case of mobile phone radiation.

  • It is well known how free radicals cause DNA damage
  • It has been proven that microwave radiation generates free radicals
  • The predicted DNA damage has been amply confirmed at exposure to mobile phone radiation
  • Different measurement methods used by different scientists confirm the same effect

It has been established by a very large body of scientific studies,  beyond any reasonable doubt, that DNA damage is associated with cancer, birth defects and childhood cancer. This is an established truth that all scientists agree about.

Therefore, it can be concluded beyond any doubt that microwave radiation from mobile phones increases the cancer risk, and in addition causes other serious consequences of radiation damage including childhood cancer and birth defects.

Only researchers who have a very narrow perspective, and thus are incompetent to assess the mobile phone risks, or are corrupt can deny this. Unfortunately such scientists have obviously dominated the expert bodies assessing the mobile phone radiation risks. This includes WHO:

One of the most influential experts in the world on assessment of radiation risks, Anders Ahlbom, Chairman of the WHO expert group on radiation damage , has been revealed as a covert mobile industry lobbyist (and therefore he was dismissed from his position).

His great influence explains why WHO has long denied any hazard from mobile phones in spite of ample evidence of the opposite. It is satisfactory to find that immediately after Ahlbom was shamefully dismissed from WHO, the expert group changed its position and confirmed that mobile phone radiation may be carcinogenic. For more, see my blog about the Ahlbom case.


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Copyright PSRAST 2011. You may quote parts or the whole of this article if you include a reference to the source =


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