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Evidence falsification behind many cellphone studies?

A study by the independent Power Watch discovered the remarkable differences between independent and industry-funded research for the benefit of industry interests. The most absurd result was an industry-funded study on brain tumors that reported 186% protective effect of mobile phone radiation. It seems that the researchers in their quest to please their sponsors went too far in falsifying evidence. See the picture below, where the study that found a protective effect is the red triangle at the arrow to the left of the chart below (red squares or triangles in the diagram mark the industry sponsored results and dark gray diamonds denote independent results).

The graph also shows that all independent studies found increased risk of brain tumors (although it was not always statististically significant). The farther to the right, the greater the risk and the higher up the more significant. Among industry-sponsored studies a large majority, reported no increased risk (= position to the left of midline), and in when increased risk reported it was not statististically significant or weakly significant ( pink or yellow-green zone).

Chart made by Power Watch and Lloyd Morgan.

Click here or on image to enlarge.

The article demonstrates serious weaknesses in industry-funded research of such a magnitude and character that it seems unlikely that scientists were so incompetent. It is probable that they were “encouraged” to manipulate the date or make a flawed design that misrepresents tumor incidence. See here for an example: “Deficiencies in the interphone study “.

Source: Power Watch: Bias and confounding. (There are several signs that the industry is abusing Web of Trust (WOT) to block unwanted websites including Power Watch so do ignore the warning sign.)

Researchers were sacked after refusing to blindly sign a research report

An increasingly common procedure is that the industry buys the name of a reputable scientist and write this article on your own without consulting the investigator. A scientist refused to sign because he was not allowed to see the research data behind the research report that he was supposed “author” (as promised by his employer). The dismissal came after pressure on his university from the industry  (universities have become increasingly economically dependent on industrial sponsorship).

Creating the false impression that the matter is controversial

This research misconduct has been designed to create the false impression that the matter is controversial among scientists. The disagreement exists only between independent scientists and pseudosciensts corrupted by the industry.

For virtually every study that demonstrated tumor risk, the industry has generated a study that denies the possibility with the obvious purpose to confuse the consumers.

This strategy was used by the tobacco companies who managed to delay the realization that smoking causes cancer for decades in this way (see ” Tobacco indstry manipulation of research “See footnote and “Doubt is Their Product “). We want to mention this, because today no one doubts the dangers of smoking, while many consumers, for said reasons, are confused about mobile phones risks.

Fortunately, the wind beginning to turn with the WHO finally starting to tell the truth in tumor risk issue, even if it is still more conservative than justified in this regard.

Corrupt experts create confusion and suppress the truth

Another factor that probably contributed to the distortion of the understanding is corrupt experts. Professor Anders Ahlbom, who was one of the world’s most influential experts regarding tumor risks from mobile telephone radiation managed to hide that he was mobile lobbyist for a long time. One wonders how many more consultative top experts  have hidden links with industry. It is very unlikely that Ahlbom is the only one at WHO, because he would have been unable to carry through the consistent denial of mobile phone hazards, disregarding strong and extensive evidence indicating harmfulness, without the support of a significant number of other WHO experts.

The industry has very strong financial reasons to secure support from leading experts in order to deny or downplay the risks and they have huge financial resources. A positive statement by an expert can be worth many millions. Also for this reason, it would be very naive to believe that Ahlbom is an exception, rather he is probably the tip of an iceberg of bribery.

If you look at independent data and take into account all the facts, not just epidemiological studies, it has long been clear beyond any doubt that cell phone radiation causes ab increased tumor risk, although it is quite small in absolute terms.

Although the increased risk of brain tumor is small at moderate mobile use, it grows the more you use your mobile, so you have to be restrictive in making phones, see “Security “. In addition, mobile phone radiation has important other negative effects on health.


Big business strategy to hide the truth

This strategy, which was successfully used by tobacco companies to deny the risk of cancer, has become the standard for corporate manipulation of truth.

  1. Sponsor research that supports the company’s interests
  2. Publishing research that supports the company’s interests.
  3. Suppress research that does not support the company’s interests.
  4. Criticize research that does not support the company’s interests ..
  5. Disseminate information about the company [doctored] interpretation of the risks to the laity.
  6. Disseminate information about the company [doctored] interpretation of the risks to policy makers.

This approach has unfortunately been successfully applied by the mobile phone industry and in addition critical scholars have been persecuted.


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