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Time for science-based Mobile Phone etiquette

The harmfulness of cellphone radiation is proven beyond reasonable doubt by now as shown in this blog (see “Cellphone hazards proven beyond doubt“).

Therefore, if you wish to be polite and considerate you need to avoid exposing people to the radiation from your phone.

Here is an excerpt from our guidelines found at “Mobile Phone Etiquette“.

Most important:

Avoid calling close to other people

Because of the proven harmfulness of mobile radiation it is not polite and considerate to use mobile phones in situations where other people have to be close to you. Therefore, we suggest you follow thesse guidelines:

Don’t call in situations where people cannot withdraw:

  • In elevators especially as the radiation is often very strong here
  • In queues
  • In restaurants
  • In meetings, conferences and lectures
  • In cinemas, theatres, music shows and similar
  • In all kinds of vehicles where you travel with others.The radiation is increased in vehicles because the metal walls reflect it. See for example “Trains ‘trap’ mobile phone radiation” (BBC Health), quote:

    Research carried out by scientists in Japan suggests that using a mobile phone inside a train carriage could have serious health risks for other passengers.

Don’t call close to especially delicate people

For more, see: “Mobile Phone Etiquette“.

For understanding why, read: “Safety advice“.


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