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Radiation intensity differences ar big between different phone models

There is almost a tenfold difference between the radiation impact of different mobile phone models.

The so called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is not a perfect indicator of the impact but good enough to give a guidance. It indicates the amount of electromagnetic energy that is absorbed measured in Watts/kg. The maximum allowed level is 1.6 Watts/kg.

It is advisable to choose a phone with the lowest SAR values.

Samsung has set a good example

Samsung developed an antenna that directs the radiation to a large extent away from the head. The result is that their smartphones have lower SAR values than most of the others.

Steve Jobs of Apple refused to consider SAR values

Former Iphones have been around 1.2, which is far above the best ones, but the last one, Iphone 6 is at the top of “bad” radiators pack with a SAR value of 1.58 and this only when the phone is held 5mm away from the skin.

Here are the twelwe least radiating ones (as of March 2014):

1. Verkool Vortext RS90 0.18
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 0.19
3. ZTE Nubia 5 0.225
4. Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 0.23
5. Samsung Galaxy Mega 0.321
6. Kyocera Dura XT 0.328
7. Pantech Discover 0.35
8. Samsung Galaxy Beam 0.36
9. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II 0.37
10. Pantech Swift 0.386
11. Samsung Jitterbug Plus 0.4
12. Jitterbug Plus 0.4

Here are the twelve with strongest radiation:

1. Apple iPhone 6 (when all three emitters are turned on – mobile, Bluetooth and WiFi) 1.58
2. Motorola Droid Maxx 1.54
3. Motorola Droid Ultra 1.54
4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve 1.49
5. Huawei Vitria 1.49
6. Kyocera Hydro Edge 1.48
7. Kyocera Kona 1.45
8. Kyocera Hydro XTRM 1.44
9. BlackBerry Z10 1.42
10. BlackBerry Z30 1.41
10. ZTE Source 1.41
11. ZTE Warp 4G 1.41
12. Nokia Lumia 925 1.4

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