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cropped-logopsrastfinal1.jpgThe two hands that gently protect a DNA molecule, the very basis of all life on earth, symbolize PSRAST’s efforts to help protect the DNA in all forms of life from being disturbed or damaged by short-sighted and irresponsible application of technology. 

We focus on two technologies that, without comparison, can cause the most extensive and profound damage to DNA or contaminate DNA to a large extent in nature.

1. Mobile phones, that are used by more than half of world’s population (in 2011), can damage DNA throughout the body, including the brain and particularly in the reproductive organs, which has been shown to cause sterility, birth defects, childhood cancers. With four billion mobile phone users, this is a global threat to the DNA of mankind without precedent in world history. Unfortunately, it is possible that mobile phone radiation can also affect DNA in animals, plants and microorganisms and, at worst, cause environmental damage with potentially problematic implications.

2. Genetic engineering (gene modification – GMO) threatens, at a global scale, to irreversibly alter the DNA at a global scale through the distribution of artificially altered DNA over very large areas by inter alia pollen, insects and bacteria. Even worse is that it is done in spite of very poor knowledge of DNA and therefore science has no ability to predict the consequences of spreading artificial DNA into the environment, see  “Incomplete knowledge about DNA”. What we do know is that there is reason to fear that the proliferation of DNA can cause environmental disturbances of various kinds, see “Environmental hazards“.

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