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Important videos

The expert selected by the cellphone industry warns of cell phones

Dr. George Carlo, the scientist who was appointed by cellphone companies to prove that cell phones are harmless did not deliver the desired result. Although he received 28 million dollars in sponsorship, he concluded that cellphones are harmful.

Brain scan shows that mobile phones affect the brain deeply

Research, sponsored by the American Ministry of Health has shown that cell phones increase brain activity significantly. After 50 min exposure it was found that metabolism increased in the areas of the brain that was closest to the phone.

“Very high time to put the foot on the brake pedal”

This says Dr.. Olle Johansson, associate professor at the Swedish Karolinska Institute and professor at the Royal College of Technology (KTH). He has studied the effects of mobile phone radiation since over 20 years and concludes that the evidence of adverse effects is strong enough to justify usage restrictions to limit damage. Watch the video below:

7:08 min

Recently, the European Parliament responded to Johansson and other researchers’ warnings and has demanded restrictions of cellphone usage, especially for children and adolescents.

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